Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

CBC Morning Show with Stephen Quinn

Feb 8 – last Friday morning I was on the CBC Morning Show with Stephen Quinn. I was also interviewed by a dozen other announcers, but the CBC producer says “smaller stations don’t post podcasts.” Among the questions I was asked:

 1. What generally are the opportunities for Canada of having a rising number of grandparents?

2. The fastest growing subgroup are those over the age of 85. How should we be rethinking their role in families and in society?
3.  Immigrant grandparents more commonly live with their families. How does that enrich the family?
4. Grandmothers are more numerous than grandfathers. What is their influence specifically?
5. As this trend continues, how should we be better supporting the role of elders within the Canadian family?

Jefferson Public Radio


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Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska. The Morning Show

KMA Radio, KMALand, ABC Radio/Westwood One affiliate
9.30 AM PT on Wisconsin Public Radio, syndicated  NPR

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Top Of Mind with Julie Rose, byuradio

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Here’s a link to our recent Tweet about the interview as well:

15 With The Author. KYMN Radio in Northfield, MN

Notes: KYMN is broadcast throughout Northfield and Southern Twin Cities, Also streams live on Audience is progressive and eclectic.

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View Points Online, Chicago

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CBC Radio, On The Coast

Helen’s portion starts at about the 2hr 2min mark.

News Feature, Voice Of America, Armed Forces Radio, National & International

Notes: 90 million listeners worldwide. Interview will be translated into several languages for international audiences. It will air within two-four weeks of taping, and will be posted on the VOA website. VOA now also streams on the web.

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