In Search of Your Rainbow

Photo courtesy of Leslie Nelson

‘Tis a tale oft told, a tale that’s decidedly old
A legend for daring dreamers of every age
This concept that near the foot of each rainbow, there lies a pot of gold.

Wise folks seek not discovery of some golden gift
While dark clouds rage and hearts do break
They wait, knowing that eventually, every storm cloud must lift.

They reckon that reward comes to the watchful eye
To the one who dares to hope, to trust, and to seek
The magic moment when peace will return, and beauty will arch on high.

As we age, darkness and light sometimes seem poles apart
And yet they are linked, just as this photo reveals
Ever so sweetly, they beckon wise elders to make a fresh start.

And as I ponder the power of a rainbow to lift my spirits and fill my heart with wonder, I stumble upon this quote:

I labor in some whimsy on a treatise concerning the optics of rainbows. Yet it eludes me. Perhaps we who struggle much in darkness, as all thinkers must, may be forgiven for faltering at the contemplation of such a wondrous and unbounded thing as freeborn light.
Benedictus de Spinoza, quoted in The Weight of Ink,Rachel Kadish (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017) p. 508.