Photo courtesy Yael Heffer

In vain into my mind I grope
Seeking the words to bring you hope
We can’t and we won’t go back to life as it used to be
Too much has changed, both for you and for me.

Relying on elected leaders just isn’t enough
We see that, now that times are tough
Eighty billion dollars is the figure I heard today
Money our government’s planning to give away.

Do they just print it, or whence shall it come
Now that daily work can no longer be done?
So much in our world needs to be re-thought
Who will do that, if your brain is for nought?

While so many people have cause ‘to weep and cry
Others among us could’ more consciously try
Heads together, we could climb this slippery slope
And each lay a hand on the sturdy but saving rope.

My belief is that somehow, if everyone tries
Even if they don’t feel especially wise
From some unexpected source, the answers will come
And we’ll fashion a world of hope for everyone.